Parent's Teacher Meeting

Parents Teacher meet is held on every fourth Saturday of the month to apprise the parents of the academic performance and general behavior of their wards in the school. Besides this, the general working of the school is also discussed at the meeting. The suggestions of the parents about the progress and constructive criticism of the working of the institute are a great welcome. 

Recommendation to the Parents/Guardians

  • Parents and guardians are required to co-operate with the school by inculcating positive values, regularity and habit of self study in their ward/s.
  • The progress card, unit tests and notices should be seen and signed regularly.
  • Student diaries should be observed every day.
  • Parents-teachers meeting will be held on every fourth Saturday of the month. Parents should attend it regularly so that the teachers can inform them about their ward’s performance. Rest of the Saturdays of the month will be half day.
  • Parents/Gaurdians are not permitted to meet the class teacher in the class room. In case of any emergency, a request should be made in the school office.
  • Children should not be sent to the school when they have any infection.
  • Students are not allowed to go home during school hours unless in exceptional cases when their parent/guardian sends a written intimation.
  • Proper home cooked food should be given in the tiffin. Parents should not encourage the habit of pocket money.
  • Parents should try to care and nurture their children by spending some quality time with them.
  • The correspondence from the school should be taken seriously.
  • The student is not permitted to miss any exam/unit test. Re-test will not be conducted just to suit the convenience of the child/parents.