Principal's Message

Education is the transmission of civilization.

The aim of education is grooming the integrated personality of a child. Each child is  unique. He has the innate qualities. Only he needs a platform, an opportunity to  showcase his latent talent A chold has a hundred languages, a hundred hands, a  hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, speaking and listening. He has a  hundred worlds to dream. 

But alas! In our system, the child is told to do without hands, to think without head, to listen only not to speak, to understand without joy. We only emphasize rote and mechanical learning thus stealing his ninety nine ways.

It is heartening to note that recently some major changes have been brought about in school education. Now the shift has been from one way of doing things to many ways of doing things, fro m using one teaching method to many methods, from one tool of assessment to many tools of assessment. The shift is from ‘One size fits all, to the right size for each.’ In the teaching learning process, we have to make the children as the active participants and not the passive recipients. We, teachers, must not view the young people as empty bottles to be filled but as candles to be lit. We have not to prepare them only as economically viable individuals but men of courage, strength and manliness- in short, to provide training to swim in the sea of life. We have to create an environment to enable the child to fly with his own wings of imagination towards the sky with a vast world to explore. 

We, in our school, exhort each child to imagine, to will, to act and to achieve at his own. Besides scholastics, the co-scholastic activities like debates, declamations, quizzes, extempore, science, art and craft, sports and games form an integral part of the education being imparted to our students in the school. These activities are organized throughout the year and each student being very special to us, his active participation in one activity or the another is ensured. Our students participate enthusiastically in the activities organized at Zonal.

I place on record my sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the worthy members of the Managing Committee and Sh. Sanatan Dharam Sabha for their unrestricted support and prudent guidance because of which the school has attained the heights we all feel proud of today.

I pray to God to bless us with unflinching faith, invincible courage and industrious efforts to grab the coveted room at the top.

Thank You
Usha Sharma